Here at Dear Dr. Jones, we believe that you already have the tools within you to heal, to self-reflect, to survive, and to thrive. My role is to partner with you as an advocate, to bear witness to your growth and resilience, and to strategize with you for making the most of your inner strengths and outer supports. 

I conduct individual, family, and group therapy integrating a number of evidence supported methods. These include CBT, psychodynamic, EFT, ACT, and play therapy. I approach treatment from a relational and culturally sensitive framework. 

Currently, all therapy services are conducted via telehealth--no need to worry about meeting in person--and I do not take insurance. However, I can provide regular superbills so that you can request reimbursement from your insurance provider. If you live in VA and want to know more about therapy, email me today at!


Are you involved with an organization that could use some support? At Dear Dr. Jones, we consult with work groups anywhere in the U.S.--including nonprofit organizations, academic conferences, community mental health centers, faith-based communities, and even large corporations--to improve cross-cultural communication, increase diversity awareness, and cultivate cultures of openness, generativity, creativity and relationality. I would be honored to join your next workplace retreat, provide insight into workplace dynamics, speak at your conference, conduct workshops and/or trainings, and create healing spaces to help your organization reaches its fullest potential. Please email me at with inquiries.